Tuesday, November 6, 2012

celebrate your shape TUMMY TROUBLE

EveryBODY comes in all different shapes and sizes. NO matter what your shape and size if you take time and actually experiment with different looks and work out what suits you after all YOU are responsible for your look!

As I have learnt your body shape and look is never as bad as what you YOURSELF make it out to be. We really perceive ourselves differently to how others see us. I have really learnt that over the last few weeks with others (my daughters especially) commenting on how I am perceived. I have to say I feel more positive about myself now than I ever have before. 

Pin point your problem areas and accentuate those where you feel more confident. Every outfit you wear you are telling a story about yourself. Decide on what works for you and stick to it. Be the cut of a dress, skirt or a colour that you try and you think wow that suits me. Take notice and stick to what you know you love for yourself. Once you find what suits you and you feel comfortable in watch the compliments roll in.

The tummy seems to be one of the most popular features ladies would like to have less emphasis on. A few tips are to wear pieces which elongate your torso. Look for pieces which will encourage the eye to look up and down rather than across your torso. Create a layered look with fine fabrics and avoid bulk.

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