Monday, November 12, 2012

beauty ~ 5 things that can make you look tired

Do ever get told that you look tired when you are not? Here are 5 things that may be making you look tired ;

Eating salty foodsSodium can leave you puffy. The rudest awakening comes from the MSG that’s often found in Chinese food and soy sauce. Beware of sauces in general—they’re just minefields of salt.

Piling on makeupToo much foundation sinks into fine lines and masks your natural glow, making you look older. Also skip too-bright cheek color; the contrast can further wash you out.

Sleeping face downFluid pools in your tissues, so you puff up so try to sleep on your back.

Wearing reddish shadowEye makeup with red undertones (roses, plums, browns) plays up redness in eyes. Better to go with black liner.Not enough water: Dehydration puts you on the fast track to looking prune-like - try to have a glass of water at bedtime.

source - bellamumma

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