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As I am getting older I am noticing my body changing in so many ways. Last week I had my eyes tested and I am now wearing glasses for reading and computer work. As much as eyesight changes as you get older I also believe that changing eye sight will become more prevalent for the younger generation as we are all using computers which in turn will affect the eyes. I am not really scared of ageing but I would like to age gracefully and brilliantly. I came across this feature written by Shannon from The Simply Luxurious Life and had to share.


You are never too old to stop learning. “Learn as much as you can all the time, every day, every year of your life.”  I recently read somewhere that by continually challenging your mind and learning something new – a crossword puzzle or even how to fly a plane – it is as if you are drinking from the fountain of youth.  As we all know, the power of the mind is impressive, so by keeping it quick and agile, we allow ourselves to keep up with the continual progression of society.  Reading is one of the easiest ways to incorporate learning into your daily routine, but learning can also be done in physical ways as well. 

Learn something new. I have just started a small business management course and I am loving it all. Opportunities are endless you just need to find them.

Live Your Passion 

What is your passion? What are you dreaming of? Take the time to find your passion and live it. Challenge yourself to find it. It’s out there.  Trust me.  Once you find it, you’ll know.  What has come to my realisation more often than not with the more people I talk to about discovering their passion and purpose is that it usually doesn’t happen gradually.  It usually is right there in front of you. In an instance, you will know it and most certainly won’t be able to forget it.

Be Resilient 

As I have learnt this year things can be tough at times, but their is always a light at the end of the tunnel and you can make it through no matter what the challenge. We are stronger than we think at the times of turmoil.

Mix with Uplifting People 

Once you’ve decided to live a life of hope instead of cynicism, love instead of hate and one in which you seek wisdom instead of remaining ignorant, find people who support this mission. Too often, people are pessimistic because they are afraid of being laughed at for what they believe will be perceived as having silly hopes.  First of all, is there ever such a thing as silly hopes? Set the example that life only gets better with each year that passes, but, yes, it will have to be a conscious choice to make it so.

Take Care of Yourself  

“You’ve been given the most magnificent machine you’ll ever be given – your body.”  Take care of it – food, water and vitamins and pamper it – sunscreen, lotion, and kindness. I am so much more conscious of my body and how it works, reacts know in my 40's than I have ever been. Our health is the fundamental foundation for us to living a fulfilling and brilliant life so take time out for yourself to just be and do what you love every opportunity you have come your way.

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