Saturday, October 13, 2012

working from home DO YOU......

really love this arrangement for my office.

Keep your desk tidy ~ If you are anything like me my desk tends to get untidy at some point throughout the day, but I always take the time at the end of the day to neaten up and place items in their designated places.

romantic coffee break #coffee

Take enough breaks ~ take the time to stand and stretch and walk away from the computer screen to rest your eyes.


Get outside ~ sit outside and enjoy the sunshine. Make some time for you  by flicking through a magazine, reading a chapter from the book you are reading. Catch some vitamin D which is important for the health of your bones.

Recipe: Grilled chicken tzatziki

Take time to eat and enjoy your lunch ~ Just like working outside the home you need to allocate time for lunch. Are one of those people that eat lunch while working? I do sometimes but I always try to eat lunch away from the office. Make yourself something healthy to get you through the afternoon.


  1. Hi Vicki,

    I have worked from home for years.
    I love it and hope to have it no other way.
    I am disciplined and have had to be otherwise life and house gets in the road.

    I hope my working from home can be "virtual" one day and it be wherever I lay my head.

    have a great day Vicki

    x Loulou

    (PS: I did reply to your messages last week - I hope you received them :)

  2. wish my desk looked like that!! And love that wrap! Yum


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