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What your profile pic/image says about you

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A good profile picture is your first impression, your one chance to show who you are. The image is imprinted in a persons mind and stays with them for a long time. Your profile pic is you sole pitch.

Enhancing our image ~ to study what the picture is saying about you, we have to break it down to what are you doing in the picture and what have you done to the picture? Hence photoshopping, minimising wrinkles and so on  which hides the lack of self belief.

Different tactics ~ everyone is portraying an image and we would all like that image to be an enhanced view of ourselves. Men tend to add a picture to show they are friendly, approachable and resourceful with items such as cars, while women will choose a relationship be it with their children, friends, pets etc.

There is a distinct difference between the images portrayed by the different age groups. Those who are part of generation Y tend to have pictures of them in a social gathering or drinking or partying.
Baby boomers tend to have pictures looking straight in to the camera which shows they are confident in their abilities. Any pictures with cartoons, posters, or having no picture at all tend to be shy, reserved or have low self esteem.

Making a statement ~ Clinical psychologist Dr Janet Hall reveals the hidden messages behind your profile pictures:

  • That's not me, that's J-Lo: I want to share the fame, too.
  • I'm holding a camera and pretending to take a picture: I'm showing off my expertise.
  • I'm posing with my pet: My pet is part of my family or an extension of my identity.
  • Look at me: I'm in a boat/plane/helicopter; I'm a show-off, I have money and I like to travel.
  • I'm posing with partner: I'm still looking at them through rose-tinted glasses.
  • I've used a war photo: I'd like to make a difference now!
  • I've put up the picture of the fancy car I don't have: I'm sure positive thinking works.
  • I'm posing with my baby: I'm proud and want to share my joy.
  • I've used my baby photo: I don't want to grow up yet.

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