Monday, October 15, 2012

re-design YOUR LIFE

According to life strategist Shannah Kennedy, now is the best time to re-evaluate your lifestyle and make practical changes in your life. Shannah has released her first book Simplify. Structure. Succeed. She shared her top tips on how to make small lifestyle changes that will have long lasting effects on your career.

Identify your 'drainers' ~ take a moment to reflect on the tasks and relationships that drag you down, draining your time and energy. Once you know what these are, you'll have the clarity to set purposeful goals that match your vision and brainstorm strategies that keep the 'drainers' at bay.

Buy the right diary ~ buy one that fits a week to a spread to allow you to check on your weekly tasks at a glance and assess how busy you are and how much progress your likely to make.

Tackle the yearly planner ~ in put the fun stuff, like birthdays, holidays and anniversaries. Then add achievable goals.

'Eat the frog' ~ the first hour of the day is one of the most important so do not waste it on mind numbing tasks. Tackle something in the 'too hard' basket first thing in the morning. A good time to reflect on the monthly and yearly goals (with a quick glance in your new diary). If you set a goal to improve your fitness, go for a walk or to the gym before work. 

Use your phone as a tool ~ the phone is on e of the tools that we can trust to have by our side day in and day out so use it to your advantage. Set daily or weekly reminders about what is important to you. Simple reminders will help reinforce goals and remind you not to forget whats on your list. Small ones work well, such as drink water, go for a walk, make a call.

Limit your daily critical to-do list ~ Do not let your list turn into an essay. It is not a diary entry, it is a succinct, achievable list of jobs you want to and can achieve in the next eight hours or so at work. Limit your list to seven points to prevent feeling overwhelmed before you start.  

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