Monday, October 29, 2012

Parenting Monday ~ TEENAGERS {what scares you?}

I travel quite a bit on public transport and yesterday morning while on the train to my course I got a little frightened as a man was standing in between the carriages having a cigarette. I was quite frightened as he was moving to and fro and I was not sure if he was going to jump. I constantly think of people who commit suicide and very sadly it happens often. I have experienced a number of friends try to or succeed in committing suicide. I cannot fully understand how the suicidal get themselves into the frame of mind 'where they no longer see in any other direction' but to end their own life. With two teenage daughters I get scared for them and what they may face with their friends and associates on how life will turn out for them. 

I guess that is a fear for most parents but in todays society where suicide is more prevalent than before with people getting bullied from behind a computer screen. I wish that everyone would realise that their is always someone who will listen and help. Both my daughters are very wise and realise exactly that. I just hope that is always in their mind.

Drugs scare me too and also them drinking excessive alcohol and being taken advantage of. Drug education is prevalent in all education and you hope that they realise the harm that drugs can cause and that they never go down that road. The scariest for me is if their drinks get spiked. My youngest step daughter had her drink spiked when she was travelling in Bali and thank goodness my brother and brother in law where there to look after her and she had no side effects. 

They are my main fears with my daughters growing up. What are your fears for your children?

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