Monday, October 22, 2012

my favourites AMY {MILO + MITZY}

~ Home Space - My bedroom, I have a bed full of beautiful white linen and am just in the midst of hanging all of my cool black and white prints up as we have not long moved house. My favourite thing to do is snuggle down on a Sunday morning with a new magazine and cuppa tea! Bliss! 

~ In Your Bookshelf/Book -I am a magazine addict. Madison, Marie Claire, Homestyle, Your home and Garden (last 2 are fantastic New Zealand Magazines)

~ Fashion Piece -I seem to own a lot of striped tees, for some reason I just keep going back to them. Hard to go past a great summer kaftan too.

~ Handbag - My tan Saben handbag is to die for. It has deer fur on the flap and is one of those timeless bags that gets a lot of comments. 

~ Lipstick/gloss - Lipstick- In a natural browny natural colour. I am a natural makeup kinda girl. Less is more approach!

~ Nail polish - Right now I am loving lilac

~ Beauty must have - Lucas Paw Paw ointment. Works on everything.

~ Children's label/clothing - Nature Baby. Another fab New Zealand product.

~ Camera - Cannon.

~ Kitchen Essential - My Chasseur cast iron pots

~ music/on your ipod - KT Tunstall, Tristian Prettyman, Pete Murray. I like chilled out indi music. 

~ organiser/diary - MY HUSBAND!!

~ shoes - Country Road flats for the summer, My Tony Bianco boots for past winter. Fantastic navy blue suede boots with a very practical heel.

~ ipod/ipad app - Sad to say but I am so not up with technology therefore I am yet to hit the ol app craze!

~ Art piece - We have a fantastic local artist who does awesome New Zealand prints. His name is Rakai Karaitiana and he is the co owner of a cool little shop Aroha and Friends in my home town. 

Thank you Amy from Milo and Mitzy for taking time out to contribute to the 'My Favourites' session here on Monday's. If you would like to contribute please do not hesitate to send me an email and I will send the list to you.

Enjoy your Monday. Vicki xo

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