Friday, October 5, 2012

is it time for a HAIRCUT

The beginning of this week I had both my daughters hair cut. My youngest daughter has a fringe and I have been cutting it for a number of years now as she struggled to trust the hairdresser, afraid she would cut the fringe too short or too much off the ends. She needed a good cut and we had a good 2 inches cut off as her was badly damaged from the hair straightener which she uses nearly every day.

I just had to share these tips I found on bellaMUMMA for signs your hair is in need for some TLC from a professional.

Your hairstylist cut layers the last time you got your hair cut, and now your hair is nearing one length.

You've had the exact same length for the past five years. To ensure your dead ends are gone, get a few centimetres chopped.

Your hair is looking thinner. The longer fine hair grows, the thinner it looks. A shorter cut can give you the appearance of thicker, healthier hair.

It takes you longer than usual to style your hair. When it never turns out the way you hoped, your cut is getting too long.

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