Thursday, October 11, 2012

how to do THE SOCK BUN

My daughters have been talking about this a fair bit over the last few months. I found a cut up sock in my daughters bedroom, which I asked 'why did you cut up your sock?' that is when I found out about the sock buns to give the perfect donut style.

I found this tutorial on beautylish.

You will need 

1 sock
a pair of scissors
bobby pins

Any sock made from a thinner fabric will work. Opt for a brown or taupe shade (something that resembles your hair colour, although it doesn’t have to be an exact match) as a white or a bright-colored sock might peek through your strands and give away your bun’s secret.

Step 1

Cut off the toe area of the sock and roll fabric down into a doughnut. Pull hair back into a high ponytail and secure with elastic at the crown.

Step 2

Place the sock doughnut at the very end of the ponytail and pull strands through the hole in the center. Starting in the front, smooth your hair over the doughnut, tucking the ends underneath. Try to disperse hair evenly around the doughnut, but don't worry about completely covering it. When you begin to roll, your hair will naturally spread out and you can tuck as you go.

Step 3

Slowly roll the sock (along with your hair) down the ponytail until you reach the base. You should use the same motion you used to roll up the sock in the first step—flip the bottom side of the doughnut upward from the inside out with both hands. As you roll, tuck loose strands underneath the doughnut. When you reach the base, fill in gaps in the bun’s structure by gently spreading hair out.

Step 4

Tidy up loose ends and strands by pinning them around the base. To make the bun fuller, gently tug and tease strands from the center portion of the bun outward.

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