Thursday, October 25, 2012

Finally in my 40's I HEART MY BODY

I have to say that, I heart my body, I am happy with my body and yes I do wish my stomach was flatter but I am a MOTHER and I am so proud that I have carried and given birth to my girls. If anything my daughters have given me more confidence than I have ever had.

In my 3rd year of high school I put on weight and ended up rounder than my lanky younger self. Mum and Dad owned a milk bar / newsagency in a small country town, we used to go into the shop and help ourselves to whatever we pleased. Hence a huge weight gain. I literally did not lose any weight until I was in my early twenties. I had an operation for gall stones, a simple procedure, but I had some complications and ended up having my gall bladder taken out and therefore I lost a considerable amount of weight. 

It has not been until reaching my 40's that I have become happier with myself but I do have to say the main part I do not like is my double chin. I love my legs at the same time as they are quite toned apart from the cellulite.

I Heart My Body linkup over at We Heart Life. Take a look at all the fabulous bloggers taking part by sharing their inspirational and wonderful body stories via #iheartmybody on Twitter and on Facebook.

I HEART MY BODY do you???


  1. Thank you for sharing this post Vicki.

    You are gorgeous! <3

    1. Thank you gorgeous for the opportunity to share with a load of wonderful people. x

  2. My God - You have fabulous legs! and your smile and damni it girl - you are the full package! ANd a gorgeous one at that. xx

  3. C'est La Vie! One of my favourite life phrases!
    You look fit and toned, awesome! (also, your house is ridiculously clean. Please tell me you have a maid?! ;-) )

    1. Thank you lovely lady. No I do not have a maid and thank you for your kind words. x


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