Monday, September 10, 2012

spring is here TIME TO CLEAN

I remember when I was around 9 years of age and my mother + father opening all the windows, washing the curtains, windows and just generally giving everything a fresh look and clean ready for the summer breeze and making more time to spend carefree days enjoying the Australian summer that we all love so much.

If you are anything like me, Spring hits and I need to open up my home and let the fresh air in, clean up all the extra dust that has collected in all the inconspicuous places that you tend to over look in the cooler months. The sun is out and the air is warmer. To me there is nothing like opening up all the windows, letting the sunshine in and the house to breathe and the air to flow through. 

I feel new ideas always tend to refresh and give new outlook to tasks and make the mundane seem more pleasurable. Here are  some tips I read in an article over the weekend. 

Do you have any cleaning tips to share? I would love to know what they are....please feel free to leave the in the comments.


Make a few lists breaking them down to daily tasks, another for weekly jobs and a master list. Daily tasks include putting the rubbish out and wiping surfaces. Weekly tasks include turning your mattress (I do that monthly) or cleaning the fridge. The master lists include things that need to be done every few months like washing and airing pillows, cushions out in the sun to kill off dust mites etc.


Keep multiple sets of cleaning materials around the house. I have disposable wipes upstairs to wipe over bench tops and toilet seats. I actually made these wipes my self by folding some paper towel and soaking in a little domestos/bleach and water and storing in an unused nappy wipes container. When you find a product you love stick with it try not to have too many cleaners as they all generally do the same thing. I tend to have a toilet cleaner and love windex as an all rounder. I also have an old pair of stockings in the shower to remove soap scum. I just use it weekly while I shower to keep the soap scum at bay.


If you break the house down room by room the chores seem to be less daunting. It should only take around 15 minutes to clean a room. Take along a 'clutter bucket' (a big bucket) and put in anything that does not belong int eh room and leave it outside. Then clean the room from top to bottom starting at the ceiling and then once clean empty the bucket placing items in their correct place.


Everyone has a different sense of clean, how you think and feel about what is clean is different to others so do not be seduced by cleanliness that is not a reality in your own mind. Live up to your own expectations and clean to how you feel is right for you. Do not live up to other's expectations.


When I was little I used to love our spring cleaning days where we all pitched in and did our bit to make our home sparkle. My daughters tend to let their room go from time to time but when they decide to clean and move it around the room always sparkles as they put in ever effort to clean every little corner. 

To get a teenager to clean their room grab a hula hoop on the messiest part and ask them to clean what is inside the circle. Move the hoop each day and by the end of the week their room is clean. Toddlers can be taught to be tidy by placing labels in drawers and make it a game by placing the right items in the right drawers.


If you receive a call saying that visitors are on the way and the place looks a mess you nee to have a game plan. 'Clutter bucket' each room and wipe each surface clear of dust and finger prints. Then place all bucket items back in their place.


If you need motivation think of how you will feel when the kitchen is sparkling instead of the enormity of the task ahead. Reward yourself afterwards by buying fresh flowers or indulge in what you love. Treat yourself to anything that will make you look forward to cleaning. 'Cleaning should put a smile on your face' ~ Shannon Lush.

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  1. Magnificent pieces of advice, Vicki! The only thing I can share here is about cleaning bikes… Well, it’s the stuff I mostly do regularly. I agree that it would be better to clean in spring, since the weather has always been nice. I use cleaning wipes that my wife has made for me… It was so really sweet of her, you know. :)


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