Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Okay, I have a gripe and that is that I believe nail polish does not last as long as it did a number of years ago. Over the last say 12 months I have been buying a variety of different brands of nail polish of varied price points and I have to say that there is not that much comparison to quality and to how long they last before they clot and are no longer thin and app-liable. Which brings me to the question 'How long should the polish last before it clumps. I understand that you can add thinner to thin out the nail colour but I do not remember, especially 'good quality, upmarket brands' going clumpy in less than 6-8 months.

As you can see from my collection I have all different price points and brands of nail colour here and I have to say that I am disappointed in the high end range as you pay more money to hopefully get more quality, but that just does not seem the case. 

Dior I have to say I am a little disappointed in as it is really thick and un-useable after around 8 months. But I will say that they tend to stay put with out lifting quite well and lasts a number of says.

Chanel, I am happy with although last summer I did buy a pink colour and I had to toss as it got quite thick. This blue colour has been my favourite throughout autumn + winter and I have nearly finished the bottle and the quality is still quite thin. Also stays on after a few days wear. 

OPI I have to say is top quality as this colour is nearly a year old and it is still app-liable and quite thin.

Maybelline Express Finish. I have had this bottle for well over a year and it is still runny and thin. 

Revlon has always been a favourite and I am always happy with their quality and long wearing. 

Rimmel I have to say is probably my favourite with long lasting wear and the brush is wider for easier application.

What are your thoughts on brands and quality of your nail polish preferences?

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  1. wow chanel and dior getting thick after so little time! I haven't bought any so im suprised! my favourites are essie and revlon, havent had any go thick and apply nicely. :)


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