Sunday, September 23, 2012

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A few or all of you may already know about Uberkate. I just seem to fall more in love with Uberkate everytime I see a new collection added to their facebook updates. I am mosty in love with the ubercircles where you can celebrate the love of family by having their unique creations. How could you not fall in love with the creations from Uberkate. Uberkate is the spirit of relationships, connecting families through personalised handmade jewellery. 

Uberkate was founded in 2004 by Kate Sutton who signature piece was the Ubercircle, my favourite, which symbolises the endless flow of love between the names stamped in the precious metals. Take a look at Uberkate to find out more about Kate Sutton and the history behind these lovely heartwarming creations. Which uberkate creation is your favourite?

Photo: Our Combination Uberovals features three hand embossed sterling silver Uberovals. with two 2cm diameter ovals sitting within a 3.5cm oval. To see more details, visit:

Are you an oval or a circle fan?

Photo: The Secret Tablet has plenty of room for those who want to emboss a fair few names - and is available in both gold and silver!

Photo: Three separate parts make up the Uberheart pendant, and you can wear the parts together or separately to create different looks! 

Shop the Uberheart now:

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