Saturday, September 1, 2012


A pitch is an email sent to a brands PR person or marketing contact letting them know that you are interested in promoting their product. I have been interested in the right way to pitch myself and thought I would share a few tips I found.

In your pitch introduce yourself and your blog. Be brief and to the point. Tell them what makes your blog stand out and why it is so special. We all have our own niche and their are lots of bloggers out there who are looking to pitch their own unique style and taste. 

Show your blogs value by including your blogs stats like your monthly pageviews and the unique page views. 
Include your social media accounts like facebook, twitter, instagram, Klout just to name a few. Your reader demographics should include age sex and location. Google analytics helps with all your stats and demographics.  To any company your statistics are very important. So be very upfront and let them know why they should invest in you and your blog.

Be brief and concise and write in short sentences showcasing a little about you and the value of your blog. Make sure you spell correctly and use the right grammar. I know spelling mistakes put me off. 

More tips on how to pitch your blog can be found on IFB.

I pitched myself on a facebook page this week and I received a package in the mail which I will share with you next week.

Have a lovely weekend. V xx

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