Wednesday, August 22, 2012

would you wear your PYJAMAS OUT IN PUBLIC?

Rikki Markson

Would you wear your pyjamas out in public? Rikki Markson does a confident corner store pyjama store run in Bellevue Hill. Picture: Nic GibsonSource: The Daily Telegraph

beautiful sleepwear

Often a common debate is should you wear your pyjamas / nightwear / sleepwear out in public. If appropriately attired and covered I believe all is ok. I know I have done it but that was when I was in my early 20's and I walked down to the local 711 after a big night out. Like Rikki above, dressed appropriately and looking just fine in her PJ's I would. I would definitely look twice if I saw someone in their nightwear but I would not judge, ok I love style and if they looked great I would smile and think 'good on them'. I also know loads of mother's that drop their kids to school wearing their pyjamas, hoping not to breakdown or get a flat tyre. I believe if you feel you look good then do it in a classy way in stylish pj's.

I love Peter Alexander and Cotton On Body for my sleepwear. Do you carefully put together a look before bed or do you just throw on anything? Where do you shop for your nightwear? 

Here a few of my favourite looks from Peter Alexander throw on a dressing gown or cardi and you are set to go shopping in your pyjamas.

Do you or have you ever worn your sleepwear out in public?


  1. I've never worn my pj's out in public, although I have driven the car to drop someone off. I Just prayed that the car didn't break down! xx

    1. Thank you so much Simone for taking the time to reply. You have made me smile. :)


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