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When spring is upon us I tend to go through a big Spring Clean, starting with my closet. This morning I had a revelation my drawers are holding garments that I have not worn in over a year. So hence the time to clear out and pass on to charity. I tend to sell my unworn, worn once or twice and designer items on ebay. What do you do with all your unwanted reasonable new or never worn items? I also do the same with my daughters clothing.

Simple Steps To Spring-Cleaning Your Clothes Closet
1. Start with one category of clothing at a time (pants, skirts, shoes) and evaluate each item individually (trying it on if necessary) and ask yourself:
- Do I still like this and feel good when I wear it?
- Is this item still in relatively good shape (no stains, rips, etc.)? 
- Is this item a classic or still in fashion?
- Does it fit?
2. If the answer is no to any of the first three questions, put the item into one of three piles--donation, sales or repair. Within a week bring the items to their designated locations.

3. If the answer to the fourth question is no, the item does not fit, but you still like it, determine if it could be altered and within a week take it to a seamstress. If you are waiting to lose weight before you wear an item again, give yourself a time limit by which you will be able to slip into that special something (say, within the year) or get rid of it.
4. Hang the keepers from that category back in your closet in an organized fashion using sturdy plastic hangers in one colour or wood hangers with clips. Make sure all clothes are facing in the same direction and organise them in order of colour from dark to light.

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