Friday, August 3, 2012

loving on FRIDAY around the blogosphere

Photo: Sneak Peak from 2013 campaign. <3 A HUGE Thank You to Andrea & Leni, Rebecca Vitartas, Raeoni Davies, Emma Caldwell and Amy Lobb! Couldn't have done it all with out you!! <3 xxxxxx The rest of the images will be released early 2013.

~ I have introduced you to this fabulous photographer before. Alexandrena Parker has cystic fibrosis and she is following her dreams at becoming a photographer holding her own working with children. Above are two of her latest campaigns for Country Road and Tutu Du Monde. I am in awe of her amazing talent. 

~ Are you thinking of starting your own fashion blog? if so are you trying to think of a name that is unique and for you? Here are a few tips from ifb ...... 9 Easy Ways To Name Your Blog
1. Pick your favourite fashion related item and a dessert-type food, place both together
2. Throw a shout out to where you live
3. Add - ista to the end of a word often used in the fashion industry
4. Give yourself a quirky nickname. 
6. Ask a question about fashion
7. Pick an animal, then incorporate that animal into an aesthetic
8. Vogue and… [random object]
9. Something having to do with style. Really, it could be anything

~ In the spirit of the Olympic Games grab your free AUGUST desktop from the ever talented Tabitha Emma.

~ I have always been interested to know how Joanna achieved so much from her blog. You can read all about her story here. Blogging as a career from A Cup of JO. 

~ An idea to curb cyber bullying ~ Stop Harassing Me

~ Photos from The Olympics London 2012

Photo of #GreenwichPark by @seuj

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