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Who needs to start their day with a mega caffeine hit? 'ME, I DO' I am putting my hand right up high into the sky. I love waking up in the morning looking forward to my first cup of coffee and I should stop being lazy and not go for the instant as a cup of brewed is always best. Refinery 29 has added some beneficial facts that coffee can have for you. 

Not only does coffee help prevent cancer and depression by acting like a natural antioxidant to ward off oxidative stress it gets your body going and ready for the day ahead. Coffee is packed with anti oxidants as well as essential minerals, magnesium and chromium. Filtered coffee is best as it contains less cafestol - a compound that can elevate LDL (bad cholesterol). There is some evidence that drinking coffee can ward off skin cancer and help place you in a better mood.


7 Health Benefits of Coffee (according to The Huffington Post)

1. Can help you proofread better ~ can help you correct errors.

2. Lower depression ~ women who drink a few cups of coffee have a lower risk of depression

3. Could save your brain ~ maybe as research on mice has shown that it can help fight off Alzheimer's.

4. Can help decrease the chance of prostate cancer in men.

5.Ward off skin cancer ~ basal cell carcinoma.

6. Could protect you from Type 2 diabetes

7. Lower your risk of Parkinson's Disease.

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