Thursday, August 9, 2012

love the BODY YOU HAVE

10 ways to LOVE YOUR BODY

Enjoy your figure flaws and all ~ and watch your confidence soar. Change your negative mindset with these five tips from body image experts. 

Stop dissing yourself ~ If you are constantly telling yourself that you look fat or that you are unattractive in some way, you will naturally feel bad about yourself.Next time look at your reflection, be conscious of your self  criticism. Then ask 'would I say these things to a friend?' If not then do not be so hard on yourself. 

Do not fixate on skinny celebs ~ A study found that when women looked at magazines featuring models their self esteem dropped dramatically. You have to remind yourself that these models and celebrities are naturally thin. 

Focus on how your body feels ~ As you begin to enjoy your body through exercise that gives you enjoyment, you will find it harder to stay at war with your body. 

List your best assets ~ Alone or with the help of the people that know you best, note down 5 - 10 of your good qualities and repeat them to yourself when ever you think badly. Do not over emphasise the importance of your appearance and underestimate the value of all your assets.

Do not wait to do what you love ~ Have you ever put something off you really wanted to do because you have feared on how you would look to other people? Life is too short to postpone a minute of it so do not wait. Write a list of goals you have always wanted to achieve and create an action plan to make them happen. 

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