Tuesday, August 21, 2012


How do you wear your bobby pins? Do you wear them bumpy side up or dawn? I have noticed lots of conflicting stories around the web where some say flat side up and bumpy side up or vice versa. 
It can all be very confusing. It has been said that if you are looking for a more sleek sophisticated look you wear the pin flat side up. If you are going for a more messy, grungy look you wear the pin bumpy side up. The flat side is longer which is meant to flatten and push the hair into the grooves. So you wear your pin flat side up.

The Beauty Department shows you how to hide the bobby pin. You slide the pin back up into the hair the opposite direction that the hair is going.

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  1. As a dancer my whole life, bobby pins are my saving grace! I personally put the flat side down on most occasions though. It's strictly habit now.



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