Friday, August 31, 2012

30 days of spring fashion fun on INSTAGRAM

I am taking the challenge and uploading a different look/prompt each day on INSTAGRAM for the month of September. I would love if you joined me by uploading your pics either wearing your look or if you are camera shy post a pic of the look/prompt. To join in use the hashtag #30daysofspringfashion @shoppegirls on instagram or upload to my facebook page. I have selected a few prompts (below) to help us along the way. I have been using this awesome app, I have fallen in love with the Line camera app. Great for editing your photos. You can view a few more apps here. Will you be joining in the fun? 

Day 1.     Shoes ~ your favourite shoes, shoes you are wearing today

Day 2.     Your latest fashion essential ~ something you love wearing that you cannot be without

Day 3.     Gold ~ something gold your jewellery, handbag anything with gold

Day 4.     Pink 

Day 5.     Exercise wear ~ anything you enjoy walking or exercising in or with

Day 6.     Blue 

Day 7.     Hair colour ~ your favourite hair colour / your current colour

Day 8.     Stripes ~ anything you love to wear or carry featuring a stripe or stripes

Day 9.     Dress ~ your favourite dress / or a dress you would love to own

Day 10.   Wearing today ~ what you are wearing / a pic of what you are going to wear (layout somewhere)

Day 11.   Silver ~ jewellery / headpiece / handbag 

Day 12.   Red 

Day 13.   Sneakers

Day 14.   Loving right now ~ your favourite piece / or something you would like to purchase

Day 15.   Print ~ something you have with a print / transfer / logo etc

Day 16.   Bows 

Day 17.   Pleats

Day 18.   Pyjamas 

Day 19.   Handbag

Day 20.   Floral

Day 21.   Comfort ~ what you are most comfortable wearing

Day 22.   Nail colour 

Day 23.   Bling ~ something that sparkles and shines

Day 24.   Favourite ~ your favourite piece of clothing/ handbag......

Day 25.   Top ~ T shirt, shirt, going out top.......

Day 26.    Socks

Day 27.    At home ~ your at home look

Day 28.   White

Day 29.   Mint Green

Day 30.  Wallet ~ what you carry your money and cards in

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