Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Do you wake up with big huge puffy eyes? I know I do especially if I have had a rough nights sleep. According to Body + Soul ~ No amount of sleep will get rid of puffy eyes, but there are ways to hide them...... 

The bags under your eyes are caused by small fat pads under the eye area. Which can be barely visible, but as the skin ages and loses elasticity, the fat pushes forward forming a puffy and sometimes dark pillow under the eye. Cucumber slices, tea bags and ice cubes are said to help reduce the puffiness. (I know the ice cubes work). 

How to hide puffy eyes.

A simple routine using eye cream and concealer to cover up the dark circles.
  • Moisturise first. "Firstly, prep under the eye with an eye cream to smooth out any dryness. Use a cream with SPF 15 as this has optical light diffusers that help diminish dark circles.
  • Apply concealer correctly. "Make sure you dab concealer in the corner of the eye as this is where you are the darkest. Only apply it on the darker areas. "If you dab it on the lighter areas, your skin will appear too light."
  • Get the right colour. Choose a concealer that exactly matches your skin tone. "Be careful not to go too light or too dark, as the concealer will draw attention to the dark circles."

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