Thursday, July 5, 2012

Stylish Travel Tips

Shannon from The Simply Luxurious Life has shared 10 Simply Luxurious Travel Tips with Tiffani on Accidental Chic. As you are aware my daughters and I are travelling to Melbourne during the NSW vacation time. I thought I would add my touch to the list that Shannon has shared.

Si Tanwiboon leaving Agnès B show, Paris F/W RtW 2012 Fashion Week, March 2012

Dress well - comfortable, but stylish. Even though the weather is bitterly cold in Melbourne you can still dress stylish. For me comfort and style is to wear jeans with a breton top a scarf, a warm trench or jacket with a stylish scarf. As I am staying with family I believe comfort and warmth is important as well as your style.

Plan a few extra days. Give yourself time to pack a day or two before you leave and a day after to unpack. Packing is the exciting part. Returning home and unpacking is a chore but best be done straight away to get your routine back in order.

Drink Water. Hydrate yourself regularly as this will aid in reducing unwanted eating and keep your skin glowing.

Purchase a memory. Bring something significant home from your travels instead of a number of insignificant meaningless souvenirs. In my case I go to Melbourne to shop as they have one of the best shopping meccas in Australia.

Pick items that mix and match well. I have no problem mixing and matching my items, I just always seem to pack to many items as I always tend to pack one or two items of clothing I never wear. So pack efficiently to save on space and you will feel confident to appear as chic and stylish as you like.

A perfectly packed carry-on. I usually add my reading paraphernalia, my iPad and Iphone charger basic make-up to my tote/hand bag. Then add my toiletries, clothing, shoes and other bits in my carry-on luggage. I always try to fit everything in carry-on and leave some room for new additions to save paying for extra luggage.

Plan ahead and then let go. As I am travelling to be with family I try not to plan too much as my main aim is to spend quality time with each and every family member. Although I always plan a trip or two into the city of Melbourne. 

Maintain your health regimen. There are three things upon returning from vacation that make the trip better and they are - Knowing you stayed within your budget. Coming home to a clean house. Knowing that you did not gain any extra weight. Make a conscious decision to walk as much as possible and eat moderately.

Always Remember. While you are away take photos, photos are memories. Instagram will be a favourite when exploring Melbourne.

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