Monday, July 23, 2012

Parenting MONDAY'S

I was awake half the night last night thinking about my eldest daughter and her work placement for Hospitality next week. I am excited for her and scared as well. Going out into the world by herself and meeting and getting to know other people. This experience will open a whole new world for her. 

Her hours are from 8am - 3pm and her father is taking her there in the mornings but she will need to make her own way home in the afternoons, which I am happy about, in the way it will build her confidence and independence. On the Monday I have decided to meet her in Parramatta, where her work placement is, so we can travel together and work out times which platform and where to change and where to get the bus home. I do not drive so both my daughters are used to catching public transport, but they are a bit vague as to which, what, and where to get the transport from. My main concern is the people she may have to contend with on the transport, it may be all smooth sailing but I know I will be a little anxious until I know she has stepped in the front door.

For all those parents with teenagers and nearly leaving school, How do you cope and how did you feel when the situation arose for the first time when your child had to fend for themselves in some way?

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