Monday, July 2, 2012

my favourites VICTORIA VILCHES

Home Space; I am a totally home person, I just love spending time in my living room, watching a good TV show or movie, watching the girls interact, reading a book or just exercising.

In Your Bookshelf/Book; My bookshelf is full of magazines that I collect, I just love re reading them or remembering a good article I saw & want to get ideas from. Also I am currently attempting to finish Eat, Pray, Love which I started when I was around 20+weeks pregnant with my now almost 3 month old.

Fashion Piece; I love skinny jeans, oversized knitted jumpers, black tube maxi skirts, denim shirts & fur vest. 

Handbag; Currently using a stylish nappy bag from soon maternity & a red studded clutch my friend got me for my birthday.

Lipstick/gloss; I live on lucas pawpaw ointment but I love to bring out my red or nude lippy once in a while. 

Nail polish; totally into silver right now, matches everything I own perfectly with some hot pink too.

Beauty must have; Bio oil, I use it on my face, body, hair. I got a little crazy.

Children's label/clothing; Both my girls live in Cotton On Kids, sometimes Pumpkin Patch or Kmart. Occasionally I get them stuff from Myers or David Jones.


Camera; Canon which is new its a push present & my iphone.

Kitchen Essential; sandwich press I love having melt cheese sandwiches on cold rainy days & a toaster we lived without for a few months and just got a new one, has made defrosting bread so much easier.

Music/on your iPod; the last album Amy Winehouse made lioness, hidden treasures, Lana del ray & stuff my partner listens to the rest of the time. 

Organiser/diary; I carry around a diary I got at the end of last year from typo but most the time I schedule things into my iphone.

Shoes; I just brought new ankle wedge boots wish I am totally in love with but usually I wear my grunge boots, ballerina flats or  chucks.

iPod/iPad app; Apart from the instagram fascination I have, most are apps to keep Bella entertained while I have appointments or to keep her quite on public transport.


Art piece; I really want a big photo of the ocean, in summer thats the place we spend the most time in & we are looking to relocating to have one at our doorstep.

Favourite recipe to share....

Haloumi & Avocado Warmy.

Haloumi (cheese), 
Pani di casa (thick crust bread) 
Fresh mashed avocado.

Cut the halumi into your desired shape & size
Place bread in oven for 15min at 100 degress
Fry halumi for 6min on each side or until golden brown.

Remove flesh from avocado into a bowl, mash with a fork, add olive oil & salt.

Take bread out of oven, fork avocado on top, place the halumi on top 
Enjoy with a good quality coffee or hot chocolate. 

Thank you Victoria for sharing your favourites with me and my readers. You can also take a look at Victoria's blog.

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