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A father from Marrickville has created an iPad app to help children deal with being bullied. It all came about when his son was bullied at school to help other children deal with the same problem. The Dandelion Project has been taken on by Apple and the app will be rolled out in August. Originally created as a book series the app came about with a dandelion as the special icon as it is grown in most countries and when you blow it you can make a wish. 
The father said 'that some kids are not really in a position to counteract bullying.' hence the story was created to help his son talk to him more about his situation. 

The child in the story 'Benjamin Brewster' cannot physically stop the bullies so he uses his imagination. On the app the kids can blow the dandelion and see the feather like petal scatter while making a wish. 

What a great way to get the children to cope with their thoughts and worries in any situation to make their wish and chat with family to make them feel better. Will you be downloading this app? 

The Top 10 Apps for travellers in the Escape Magazine in the Sunday Telegraph.

1. iTranslate Voice (0.99c) ~ This voice translator is one of the best communication tools around. Tap the English microphone on the screen and say the words you would like translated.  It will speak back to you in one of 31 languages. It will also translate from other languages into English.

2. Intrepid Meet Up (Free) ~ Intrepid is the small group tour specialist and this app helps tour mates talk and make plans before the journey begins. You choose a trip from the drop down menu, select the date and leave a message to get the conversation started. 

3. World Clock Pro (1.99) ~ this app displays global information in an overview with a clock and comparison views, a scrollable world map and a real time display of daylight.

4. Smash Assist (Free) ~ A simple template where you can record relevant information after an accident, including vehicle, insurance and contact details of those involved. Then you call the emergency services at the press of a button.

5.Packing and To Do (0.99) ~ This app is simple to navigate and useful, it allows you to create, edit and share packing lists which includes iCloud auto-sync and sample lists.

6. VALK (4.49) ~ an inflight therapist gives you peace of mind if you get nervous before or during a flight. Including aerodynamics, flight safety, turbulence, aircraft sounds and sensations. There are also some audio exercises to help as well.

7. Wiki Camps Australia (1.99) ~ for caravaners and campers to share their information of their favourite sites. This app also allows you to find places close by and offers information about fishing, swimming, four wheel driving and wifi hot spots.  Including a compass, satellite dish pointer and checklist.

8. Trip Advisor (Free) ~ A review app with more than 60 million reviews on places to stay, eat and see at destinations all over the world. 

9. London A City Through Time (iPad $14.99) ~This app a complete digital portfolio of London. Which features 6000 articles, with 2000 rare works of art, high definition and zoomable panoramas of London both current and historical.

10 Australian Good Food and Travel Guide (Free) ~ allowing travellers to discover some of our country's best venues. Allowing you to search for nearby restaurants, wineries, accommodation, bars, attractions and more all over Australia.

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