Friday, July 20, 2012

Beauty Secrets

Make Up Make Up Make Up!

We all need to update our techniques and refresh our ideas for looking our best. I am always on the lookout for a new idea or new make up to enhance my look. Here are some of my favourite tips from beauty experts I found from Shape magazine. Do you have any tips you think we should now? 

Layer Your Liner

Lining your eyes can be difficult. Liquid eyeliner tends to stay on longer and smudge free. Apply eyeliner with a pencil first which is easier to make a straight line with. Then go over the pencil line with your liquid eyeliner. 
I have only used liquid eyeliner once. Do you like liquid eyeliner?

Hair Mask

For angel hair apply a conditioning hair masque and leave in overnight, then rinse in the morning for extra soft and rescued hair.

Brown Eyeliner

For an eye look that is defined and not too heavy, line your upper lash with black eyeliner and your bottom lash line with brown eyeliner. 

Open Up Your Eyes

Open up your eyes by taking white pencil and line the inside rim of your lower eyelid. Your eyes will pop. If your eyes are close set use the white pencil to lightly line the section where the upper and lower lids come together, closest to the nose. This will make them appear wider apart.

Wonderful Water
This goes without saying. Water is the best for the hydration of your skin and keeps you glowing and your energy levels up. In summer spritz your face, to keep it feeling and looking refreshed.

No Powder, No Oil
After the age of 35 never wear powder as it settles into the wrinkles instantly ageing the skin. Go for a tinted moisturiser and/or a concealer that deflects light to minimise lines. 

Always Wear Sunscreen

Alway always wear sunscreen.

Do It Yourself

Make your own tinted moisturiser by adding a small drop of your liquid foundation to your moisturiser in the palm of your hand.  I add the foundation to my sunscreen. Have you ever made your own tinted moisturiser?

Wash Face, Moisturize at Bedtime

Wash and moisturise your face at bedtime.

For Yellow Nails

If you have yellowing nails from wearing dark nail polish try scrubbing your toenails with a nail brush and whitening toothpaste. This will get rid of the yellow colour.

Make Concealer Count

Brighten your look by dabbing corrective concealer on the darkest portion under your eyes.

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