Tuesday, July 10, 2012

7 Days 7 Ways to be a Good Parent

By psychologist Cynthia Hickman. 

Sometimes, as parents, we can forget how to be our best parent. Here are some tips from Body & Soul. It always feels good to be refreshed with tips to help us on our way. 


Children need to feel 'met' by ther parents. Take time to listen to them  and find out who they are. Look them in the eye, acknowledge their feelings, dreams and be gentle with their developing sense of self. 


It is not what you say or do, it is the quality of your being that counts. If you are stressed or anxious this is what you teach your child. If you are calm, gentle, warm and centered they will be just that. 


You are the parent they are the children. You are not their friend! Do not burden them with adult issues. Kids worry and then feel they have to fix things. Let them focus on their own lives. 

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Children are not clones of you, so do not pressure them fulfill your dreams. Let them discover who they are. 

Love is a presence you bring to your children. I love and accept you for who you are. 

Look after yourself. You are the foundation upon which your children stand and your wellbeing is vital to their emotional and mental health. Treat yourself as tenderly as you treat your children. 

Children need constant routine, boundaries and care which provides a feeling of security. This will help ground them when they step out into the world. 

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  1. Wow so easy to forget about it!!! printing it out now so can have a look and remind myself every day! Thanks


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