Tuesday, June 19, 2012

a shade of BLUE


Reading the latest Vogue Australia with the gorgeous Delta Goodrem on the front I have noticed there are several pages coveting blue as the new hue. From nail polish to shoes and everything in between. I have always been a lover of blue and to see several pages in a high end magazine must mean the hue is here to stay for a while. Do you own anything blue in you're closet?

Of course we all own the classic blue denim jeans. Well I like to think that everyone does. The blue jean is the most classic piece in any closet and the most wearable which has been around forever. I love skinny stretch jeans at the moment. Which jean style is your go to for any occasion?
I have the classic chambray shirt which is a go to for several outfits, even my daughter has been wearing it over her black skinny jeans.  I have the Chanel nail colour in blue rebel which I have been wearing to death. Just love it. Who can forget the classic denim jacket. I have a blazer type denim jacket purchased from JAG a few years ago. There are just some items you just need to keep. I also have a navy country road shirt that I have been wearing lots over long sleeved tees, just to add that extra layer. Do you have any blue pieces that you just love and wear for years to come?

Royal blue denim + chambray top.

chambray + denim blue leather jacket + coral satchel = love

white denim/blue denim

Blue denim & Tweed

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blue denim

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  1. I've had a beautiful, soft boatneck jumper in a lovely pastel blue for a few years now and I seem to be drawn to it time after time.. such a relaxing colour. Blue is just such a classic I think, it's going to be around for a long time yet.. and with good reason.


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