Friday, June 22, 2012

Rules of the BEDROOM

I was reading Cupcakes and Cashmere where the lovely Emily had a feature on the 'Rules of the Bedroom' where she writes the rules she considers for Bedroom Basics. The post inspired me to fix my bedside as I had several books amongst other clutter which was only collecting dust and did not look great.

My space......



The rules of the bedroom for me are fairly similar to Emily's. I love that we have lots of windows in our bedroom and retreat area, as I am an early riser and love sitting in bed on the weekends reading magazines, my current book or checking emails and reading blogs on my ipad, especially in winter too cold to go down stairs and sit at the computer.

Rule 1 ~ De-clutter. As you can see above I had way to many books on my bedside so I just added two, took the lamp away as I have a book light, added a vanilla scented candle and my must have essentials photo of my daughters when they were little (taken at the carols by candlelight) and a hand cream.

Rule 2 ~ Buy the best bedding you can afford. I have always purchased sheridan especially for sheets as the quality lasts. My duvet covers are purchased from linen stores. 

Rule 3 ~ TV-less. Just like Emily we do not have a TV in our room either. I also like to read before I go to to sleep.

Rule 4 ~ Change with the season.  I change my duvet cover to go with the seasons. I have a chocolate brown at the moment with flannelette sheets. In summer I love beige, white or a floral print.

Rule 5 ~ No clocks. There is a clock but it is not on my side, but I do tend to agree with Emily as they can be a distraction if I wake during the night and check on the time and my mind starts wandering. But then if I did not see the time I would lay there thinking what the time was and would check my mobile.

Rule 6 ~ Pick a pallete. I love creams and chocolates and of course white so classic and fresh. I also love a bit of colour in spring and summer.

Rule 7 ~ Always make the bed. I love when all the beds are made int he morning as it does get the day started on the right foot. If you begin your day by accomplishing something it stets the stage for productivity. Which I find very true I always feel better when I have made all the beds.

Rule 8 ~ Keep a blanket at the foot of the bed. I like the thought of having a blanket at the foot of the bed especially for a little nap.

Rule 9 ~ Embrace the fresh air. I like to let the fresh air in when I am up not while I am sleeping as i find having windows open too noisy and I am such a light sleeper. I also like the light lingering smell of vanilla.

Rule 10 ~ Window coverings. We have vertical blinds in our room and I love when the morning light peaks in through the sides. 
Do you have any specific rules for your bedroom that you stick to all the time?

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  1. really enjoyed this post. My bedroom is all white. Love the fresh clean feeling of white (that top room is amazing!!!). except my sheets theyre soft pink. I too dont believe in having a TV in the bedroom. on my bedside table I've got latest frankie magazine, my kindle, hand cream (currently loving Spider Lily by crabtree & evelyn) and a coaster for morning coffee :) my bedroom is my sanctuary...spend more time in it than any other part of the house. and candles - love having a scented candle going. favourite is Dusk Tibet. its lychee & black tea good!!!

  2. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. I love the fresh clean feeling of white also. It is nice to find out your current favourite hand cream and scented candles.
    Vicki xo


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