Saturday, June 2, 2012


Reading Madison Magazine JUNE 2012 'Lets Hear it for the Boys' got me thinking that every generation has one although there has not been one around since the 90's. In the 80's it was Duran Duran, that was my generation. The biggest era for teen bands seemed to be the 90's with NKOTB, Back Street Boys, Take That (one of my faves), East 17, Boyzone were the biggest names I can remember. Girls screaming everywhere and following their every move. I honestly do not remember being that obsessed, I just loved music especially pop. I still do and One Direction have hit the spot for me. Having two teenage daughters and listening to the current music of their generation, I believe that music has just become better and better over the years. One Direction have the right touch connecting with the current teeny bopper generation of the 'noughties'. I do not remember being in love with just one band or singer i just loved music in general although Jimmy Barnes and Whitney Houston were my favourite in the late 80's.

Did you have a favourite band or singer when you were in your teens? Do you have a favourite now? 

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