Monday, June 25, 2012

my favourites with SIMONE (HONEY AND FIZZ)

~ Home Space
I love my home and am constantly mixing it up and changing the accessories. We are contemplating updating the kitchen and putting down dark floorboards. I want to get it right so I am making mood-boards to get the mix perfect!

~ In Your Bookshelf/Book
I love a glossy coffee table book on fashion or interiors the best but you will also find me reading the latest trashy novel and I was a part of a bookclub for a while. Could never choose a favourite book but I do re-read the good ones :)

~ Fashion Piece
I haven't really got my fashion groove back yet after having a baby so I am just living in either jeans or leggings. Can't wait til I can burn them both and go on a mad shopping spree! 

~ Handbag
I'm going between a nappy bag and a slouchy handbag at the moment. Must be big enough to fit Noah's essentials as well as mine.

~ Lipstick/gloss
I always have lipstick on when I leave the house as I look too pale otherwise. I usually just wear a pinky/nude Bloom lipstick at the moment. I usually add a clear Napolean gloss over the top for a bit of shine. I've tried the bright lip but its just not me although I love it on other people.

~ Nail polish
I always have polish on my toes - usually a Revlon one in corals or pink. I sometimes paint my nails myself but I'm not that good at it.

~ Beauty must have
I love the feel of a clean face but as my skin is so sensitive most cleansers are too harsh. So I am stuck with Cetaphil to clean my face. Although I am just about to try out a new beauty salon for a facial using Organic products. So Ill see how I go.

~ Children's label/clothing
With 3 boys the choice of clothing is not huge! They usually wear jeans and hoodies in Winter and shorts and t shirts in Summer. Also they love the beach so good boardies and a rashie is a must. I buy most of my youngest 2 boys clothes from Cotton On Kids as they have cute things . My eldest is all about the Surf/Skate labels so I haunt the surf shops with him. I prefer a more preppier look but I pick my battles :)

~ Camera
I use a Canon and also my iphone. I'm obsessed with Instagram and all the different filter apps you can buy.

 ~ Kitchen Essential
My kitchen essentials are the slow cooker in Winter for yummy casseroles and soups and a blender in Summer for delicious smoothies.

~ shoes
I am currently living in my black ankle boots this Winter or ballet flats. I am also looking for a new pair of sneakers for my "get fit" phase and have my eye on a pair of Nikes with a bit of neon. I'm hoping they will get me motivated!

~ music/on your ipod
My eldest son is always downloading the latest Top 40 song onto my ipod so I always know what the "kids" are listening to ;) Otherwise it is quite an eclectic mix with songs from every genre including Adele, Keith Urban, Pink, The Beatles, U2 etc.

~ organiser/diary
I don't carry a diary around and I never use the organiser/calendar in my phone. I will sometimes write a note to myself in my phone but I prefer my Kikki K wall calendar for the family that I have in my kitchen. It's a bit old fashioned but it works for me plus other family members can look at it and see what everyone else is up to.

~ ipod/ipad app
I have downloaded a few games for the kids onto the ipad for those car trips or just down time when you find your self waiting in the car between appointments. The kids love Sushi Go Round, Angry Birds, ABC, Photobooth, Monkey Lunchbox.

~ Art piece
I would love a huge colourful piece of art on the walls and am thinking of commisioning one but I just have to decide on which colous I want included. I also love using photographs as art. I love the Slim Aarons photos, the colour and emotion they give out is just so hip and fun and oh so glamourous!

Thank you to the lovely Simone from Honey and Fizz for sending in for 'my favourites' a regular Monday post.  I am really excited about this feature and I have some lovely people on board.  A few months back I asked Vesna from My Little Jedi to take part you can take a look here. If you would like me to send you the list please email me.


  1. Thanks for interviewing me Vicki, it was fun! xx

    1. Thank you so much for your contribution. x

  2. Loved reading more about you Simone. Your home, personal style and family are totally beautiful... but I guess you already knew I felt that way :) Great interview Vicki! xo


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