Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday Morning Chaos!


Just what you need on a Monday Morning!! Monday mornings are crazy enough anyway. Trying to get two teenage out the door on time is sometimes a major challenge although I am pretty lucky as they are normally ready in time.
Standing in my walk in closet getting dressed as normal my daughter walks in with the most fearful look on her face. 'The hair straightener just blew up! Are you ok?, I said and she started with tears as she got so frightened and shock started setting in. I gave her big hugs and quickly tried to find another straightener so she could beautify herself (not that she needs to), but you know how it was when you were 13 you had to do what made you feel and look good. Then the dilemma was that the straightener she was using was not performing the way she would like it. Eventually after a few whines and complaints she was satisfied and was ready to walk to the bus stop with her sister.

The girls finally had their bags packed, said their goodbyes, walked to the bus stop only to realise that the bus had gone. Oh No!!! I received a call saying, 'We have missed the bus'. I was frantic as I do not drive and their eldest sister (who lives nearby) was home but could not leave as her little man is sick and she had been in the emergency department for a few hours. Thank goodness a friend had not left yet and she came to pick them up.

How do you cope in stressful situations, I must admit I am not very good. Most of the time I am pretty cool and calm but this morning I was hormonal and frustrated but thank goodness it all worked out in the end.

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