Thursday, June 7, 2012

Marie Claire's I DO campaign

I understand that the feedback here could channel a lot of differences of opinion. We are all, I am sure, interested in making this world better for our own children and for the children who enter this world. Some would say that marriage equality is not making the world better for the future of all children, but it is. What if your child or your children's children preferred the same sex and they wanted to get married but could not because of the situation now. I was listening to the debate on Sunrise this morning and I was quite upset that the main reason people are against same sex partners getting married was because it was not right for the children. My question is 'What if your child fell in love with the same sex as themselves?' Are you not going to want your child to be happy? We cannot stop the inevitable, if your child prefers the same sex then so be it, are you going to force them to love the opposite sex to just make yourself happy? In the end all we want is our children to be HAPPY! 

Lets make it fair for all. Pledge your support and end marriage discrimination.

We've removed discrimination from our hearts - now it's time to remove it from our laws. The majority of Australians want to end marriage discrimination and believe that same-sex couples should be allowed to wed.
Denying some Australians the right to marry fuels discrimination and prejudice. Marriage equality for all Australians is long overdue.
In just weeks a Senate and a House of Representatives inquiry into marriage equality will be released. And, in a few months, our members of parliament will vote to determine whether or not same-sex couples will be afforded the same legal right to marry.
Sign the petition asking our politicians to vote in favor of reform. And, find out more about our special events in Sydney and Melbourne this Thursday to make sure our MPs know that Australia supports marriage equality. 

Pledge your support by signing the petition and say I DO 

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  1. Thanks for linking to the petition, I just signed it too.

    For me marriage is a privilege, a beautiful bond shared between two people in love (and to be shared with their children when they come along too). It doesn't matter to me if those two people are a man and woman, two women or two men. If they love each other enough to commit to spending the rest of their lives together, they deserve to be able to seal that bond with marriage.


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