Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Is there anyone else that is enjoying the Being Lara Bingle show? I find the show authentic and worth watching. I am sure their are a lot of you that are saying 'oh no how could you?'. Lara comes across as a normal girl with a normal family. Lara is so brave for putting her life on television to be scrutinised even more by the public. Although she does come across a little naive, you also have to remember that she is only 24 and has to live her life for all of us to see. It is just a pity that some people always judge you on your bad choices rather than looking at the overall picture. I also have to admit that I will also be taking great interest on her style. Lara is a stunning girl with the world at her feet and everyone deserves second chances. 

Are you watching Being Lara Bingle or will you avoid the show completely?


  1. I have been watching it online and liking it so far!

  2. I love it! I agree I think she's really genuine. There is definitely something about her that makes you keep watching. Oh and i'm totally jealous of her effortless beauty! gosh! I want her hair!


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