Thursday, June 14, 2012

at what age should my CHILD .......

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Yesterday I was watching Mornings where they had a panel of four to cast their opinion on what ages should children be allowed to approach particular milestones that come along with age. I believe, myself, you as a parent know when a child is ready to shave their legs, be home alone, go somewhere by public transport with a friend. 

One comment that did and has upset me is the portrayal of Suri Cruise and how she has been allowed to wear heels and lippy out and about.......REALLY she is a child and what little girl does not want to wear heels and wear colour on her lips 'just like mum'. She is only little and the media need to stop attacking the parenting skills of famous people and let them do the best job they can without scrutinising them.

I have certain rules that my daughters follow and they know what they are. I guess it may be easier for the second child as the first one has taken that step and then the second follows suit at the same age. But that may not necessarily be the case as each child is different and they progress and mature very differently. 

My daughter's started shaving their legs in year 6 and they did not have a mobile phone until they started high school. They were both not allowed to walk around a shopping centre with friends until year 8 and I am still in the centre, as I love shopping, relaxing having a coffee reading a mag while they watch a movie, lunch with a group of friends or just generally shop. I allow them to go to parties as I trust the completely. Although I did discouraged my eldest in Year 8 that I did not feel comfortable with one invitation she received and she was ok with that. 

My daughters are very mature and education has helped them to be prepared with certain situations and I must say that after many discussions I guess the only thing that really worries me is when they are old enough to go out drinking (which is the end of next year for my eldest) that they may get their drink spiked with a drug. It has happened to my youngest step daughter and thankfully she was ok and she had my brother with her to take care of her. I must admit when they were in primary school and when they were little my biggest concern was drugs but they are so well educated on the drug situation that they know enough information about the consequences and realise that this is the path they do not want to take. I guess you as a parent never know whether they are prepared enough to enter the real world and in the end all you can do is offer advice and be there no matter what.

I would love to know your thoughts. What is your major concern for your children growing up? 

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  1. I agree completely...! My 5yr old miss ruby loves tottering around in heels and my 8yr old evie last week got in the car enroute to yum cha with approx an entire lip pencils worth of hot pink...smothered on her cheeks & lips...she looked like a china doll.


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