Monday, May 28, 2012

simply stunning DELTA GOODREM





Love her or hate her Delta Goodrem is absolutely stunning gracing the cover of VOGUE Australia July 2012 issue. Delta has copped a lot of flack since she has been a judge on The Voice with people assuming her as coming across fake. I tend to disagree she is just a poised and lovely young lady who deserves to be credited for all she has done for Australian music. Issue on news stands on June 6th.

Delta says ~ 

"I feel like it's a totally different chapter; I feel like I'm back to being me again."

on ambition  "You learn as you go and I think when you want to be the best in the world, like I do …" A-ha! The best in the world? "Yep, absolutely," she says. "I know where I should be and I'm still only 27. I've had this wonderful, incredible journey with Australia and with different countries, but also due to my life, there have been lots of stops and starts, and so right now is the best time in my life to take flight 

on being single again "I have so much love to give that it's hard for me to say [no]. I'm very affectionate and so I'm just happy to be single and meeting different people and just enjoying being a 27-year-old."

Vogue Australia

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  1. She is a natural beauty doesnt have to try hard at all! Great blog!


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