Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Balloons balloons balloons

Phobia ~ an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something. 

Do you have a phobia?

My phobia is heights especially climbing stairs. I have had this phobia since I can remember. I freaked sitting in the highest point in a grandstand. I guess the fear has gotten worse after becoming a parent and that comes down to having responsibilities and protecting myself in many ways with the aim to be here for my children for as long as possible. You will never see me sky diving or bungy jumping. I prefer terra firma thank you.


Yesterday while shopping with my dear friend we were chatting to the ladies in Swarovski and one of the lovely ladies admitted to having a fear of balloons. Then she proceeded to tell us that one day she was locating something down low in a cabinet and a little boy (very close to the sales assistant) was holding a balloon and was vigorously shaking it around. The lovely sales assistant in a very calm manner asked the boy if he could please stop. The mother protested and replied with 'Why is it that shop assistants need to parent our children? How would you regard this circumstance if someone asked your child to stop doing something?

This conversation made me take a step back and think that we do not really know what other's think and feel and that we should be more caring and considerate. Although I am the type of person to hold a high regard for most people and this makes me think you never know what a person's phobia's are. 

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