Thursday, May 31, 2012

on my mind ~ WASHING & THE LAUNDRY

laundry laundry laundry

Ok I have a few questions for you do you love washing? Beth from Babymac does. I just finished reading her post on Solving the big issues: Washing. I love tackling the everyday issues we all have to face. I have been thinking about posting about washing before but procrastinated on how to and what content I wanted to add. Beth inspired me, so here goes.

laundry room #laundry

I am not as passionate about washing but I do take pride in placing clothing on the line. Firstly I must pile my washing as I take them out of my front loader. Then pile them in the basket in order. I place the bigger things on the bottom and then the smaller items socks and undies at the top as I like to hang them first and place bigger items to the front to hide the underwear. I also have to have everything else strategically placed. Like tops in one section, then bottoms, pants, skirts etc on another. I also like to place my towels in order and colour. Is that weird or not????   The only time I ever change how I hang is if I have too many loads  and run out of room. 


I love my front loader as the machine washes gentler than my top loader (although I think they are more gentle now). Do you prefer top or front loaders? 


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Here is my laundry I would love if we could link and share our laundries via instagram, if you so wish hash tag the word #laundry and include me @shoppegirls so I can see all your fab laundry rooms.

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