Monday, May 7, 2012

on my mind BRAIN CANCER

Charles Teo

Do you think that the use of mobile phones can lead to brain cancer? It has not been confirmed but I am always telling my daughter's to not sleep with their phones near their heads and thankfully they use their phones more for texting and social media than speaking on them. Dr Charles Teo has been featured in the media lately that brain cancer is a major killer in our teenagers and that mobile phones may be increasing the risk factor of brain tumours. Dr Teo is currently fighting to get more research into finding out if mobile phone radiation. Dr Teo is not saying that mobile phones increase the chance of brain cancer but he would like there to be more research to find out for sure.

He also went to great pains to emphasise that there may not be a link; that he is not a radiation expert, and that he is not a zealot who wants to get rid of mobile phones. But he has looked at all the available evidence, at least a third of his patients' tumours are in the area of the brain near the ear, and he wants to find out what is going on.
The Cancer Council NSW also says more research is always good, but they add that in general people shouldn't get too uptight. Chief executive officer Dr Andrew Penman said it was "difficult to prove that mobile phones cause cancer but even more difficult to prove they don't cause cancer".
He says the "real world" shows that if there was any effect from phones it would be "very small".
Dr Penman says any rise in brain cancer incidences are in older people, and that because large studies such as the Interphone study have not found a link there is no need for people to panic.
"It's fine to be aware of the debate, but as the evidence has accumulated the level of alarm and concern … that prompted warnings about use in young children … has abated," he said.
"People tend to cast around for exotic causes of cancer they can control – but the big thing is tobacco, lack of exercise, obesity, sun exposure, the use of hormone replacement therapy. We know those things have a big effect, and you can actually do something about those."

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