Thursday, May 3, 2012

How do you have your TEA?

Easter Afternoon Tea!

It is always nice to enjoy a cup of tea. I am a huge coffee fan but I do enjoy a cup of almost tea every day. How do you have your tea? I love mine strong with a dash of milk and something sweet on the side. Today I had a wagon wheel? For those who do not know what a wagon wheel is ~ 2 crunchy biscuits sandwiched together with jam and covered in milk chocolate. Yum!!


  1. I'm a huge tea lover - I start with a peppermint tea with breakfast, English breakfast for morning tea (medium strength with milk), another after lunch while I have my blogging time (sometimes I'll have two here). Whilst getting our meal prepared I'll have another herbal cup. After tea, I have a mug of Milo though :)

  2. beautiful photo! I love to collect pretty tea cups for my tea. I love my tea strong too! I like to have afternoon tea and a snack.


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