Thursday, May 17, 2012

13 ways to BOOST YOUR MOOD

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Wear something soft

The texture and weight if what touches your skin can have an immediate impact on your level of happiness and contentment. Soft materials stimulate the skin's most delicate pressure sensitive nerves, which increases your brain's production of the mood-boosting hormone oxytocin.

hot vanilla drink

Have some cider

Sipping a mug of hot apple cider (I would prefer hot cup of MILO) reduces edginess, tension and anxiety for up to 76 percent of women within five minutes. The apple cider's sweet tangy aroma stimulates nerve clusters in the brain that can soothe and relax your entire central nervous system.

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Spending a few minutes a day visualising and mentally rehearsing is a clever way to handle life's frustrations. Daydreaming about yourself calmly and confidently tackles day to day stressors by stimulates the release of mood elevating dopamine.

Clean Out the Clutter

Clean out the clutter

Spending 20 minutes sorting and tidying a messy corner of your home, cupboard or office space slows down the production of adrenaline and other mood sabotaging stress hormones by 45 per cent which helps you feel calmer and more relaxed for up to the hours.

Glasshouse candles = divine!

Calm down with vanilla

Odours affect your moods by activating the limbic system ( the emotional switchboard of your brain). When a distinct scent like vanilla reaches this emotional control centre  it elevates up your brain's production of electric impulses that produce a calmer happier and more contented mood, within three minutes.

Get a Fruit Boost

Get a fruit boost

Women who eat two cups of fruit daily are more optimistic and upbeat then those who do not eat fruit. The complex carb's in fruit increase your brains production of the antidepressant hormone serotonin by as much as 50 per cent. The more serotonin you produce the steadier your moods and the more cheerful you feel.

Massage Your Mood

Massage your mood

Touch stimulates the brain's endorphin-producing pituitary gland. Massage cuts your blood levels of cortisol, the anxiety-triggering stress hormone and shifts brainwave activity from the right side, which churns out negative emotions  to the left side which handles positive feelings. 

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Dance away the blues

After nine weeks of dancing with the combination of exercise, rhythmic motions and uplifting music, this will prompt the brain to produce a larger and steadier supply of serotonin.

Give Anonymously

Give anonymously

Making donations to charity can trigger production of the feel good hormones oxytocin and dopamine. Giving anonymously reminds you that you are helping because you are a good and caring person not because you would like approval or recognition from someone.

Use earplugs at night

If you are being kept awake at night by noise then use earplugs to shut out those sounds that stop you from sleeping soundly.

Order the Fish

Order the fish

The brain nourishing omega 3 fats found in fish can cut your risk of depression by as much as 250 percent.


Embrace the sounds of silence

Spend 30 minutes twice a day somewhere quiet with zero background noise. Ahhh peace and quiet!!

Take Vitamins with Breakfast

Take vitamins with breakfast

Your ability to absorb nutrients peaks in the morning, so take your vitamins with your morning meal.

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