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teenage behaviour NOT INTENTIONAL

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Teenage behavioural issues, are not intentional or done out of  sheer malice. A teenager is a child  growing into adulthood. Teenagers need their parents to be parents as they have many friends at school. Teenage behaviour like all behaviour is changeable, because the majority of behaviour is a pattern or a habit.


Like a toddler who needs boundaries, a teenager needs them too. Like a toddler, a teenager that hears to many ‘No’s’ becomes desensitized to them.  Teenage behaviour is affected by may factors like their hormones, parents, peer pressure, school, social media, and regular media  TV shows, movies, music and magazines.
The majority of teenagers do want an easy life and to get on with their parents. But they are losing their innocence and naivety of childhood and  also get hit by the fact that this is what life is really about, it is not all fun and games. Many teens I speak to are disheartened with the realisation of the real world as they step over into the threshhold  of adulthood.
Teenagers love to talk and at times that is all they need, a listening ear to help guide them through the whirlwind of emotions they are feeling.
The teenage years do pass just like the toddler years, it can get bumpy, but you can have some fantastic moments too. from Easy Peasy Kids

I have done a lot of reading since being a parent and this one thing I have always taken into account before a confrontation with my teenage daughters and also after. I am not super mum and having three girls in the house with PMS around the same time is not FUN. I am pretty lucky as I have very headstrong teens with a lot of respect for others and myself although that there are lots of accusations and setting you straight (yes they do that too cause i can be wrong too). I always understand and think that there behaviour is not intentional. We all get it wrong at some point and i do often but I am never afraid to apologise and my daughters do the same. 
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My poor Mother, I was a 'ratbag' at times and my mum copped so much from me and I often think of those times that I hated myself for being a BITCH to my beautiful and wonderful MOTHER.  Sorry Mum, I love you so much. xoxo Where you a ratbag to your Mother/Father?

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