Wednesday, April 4, 2012

packing tips with LOUIS VUITTON

I posted this post last July and thought I would share again as it is holiday time. Are you going away over the easter break?

Packing Principles by Louis Vuitton ~ 

When a Louis Vuitton shopper buys a piece of the framed luggage, 
they receive a travel tutorial. Here are a few tips :

+ Rolling is the best way to save space. Do this with casual trousers from the ankle up T-Shirts should be folded in once and then rolled from the neck down. When allocating items in your bag, the heaviest items should be place above the wheels.

+ Anchor your heavy items with rolled garments and shoes to either side. Scarves can be used to fill any empty spaces, while socks and adapters can be placed inside shoes. Line belts around the edge of your bag to save space, while preserving shape.

+ When hanging pants in a dress bag, the inside legs should be folded over the hanger in opposite directions from each other, to prevent them from slipping off. Finally, if you are landing at night, place a scarf or pyjamas on top to grab when you land.

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