Thursday, April 19, 2012

on my mind YUMMY MUMMY


What does the term Yummy Mummy mean to you? To me it means to always look your best in every situation. That does not mean make up everyday or pretending to be someone your not. It means to take the time out of everyday and look after you. Paint your nails, soak in the bath, put on your favourite dress and go down the street for your everyday essentials. Ok not everyone gets the time to take time out but if you can always look your best then do so. Put on that mascara or your favourite lippie. Just do something little that makes you feel beautiful. To me everyone is beautiful and everyone should shine. 

This morning I read 'the curse of the yummy mummy' on Just b by pottymouthmama. I love  this article and hearing Lexi's thoughts. Some ring true to us all I am sure. I admit I did not feel beautiful or very yummy when I had my daughters and it is only know that I am older and my daughters are teenagers that I actually take the time to make myself look my best everyday. I am by no means a very attractive person but yes what Lexi says 'If you’re a mummy, no matter what your little person thinks you’re positively yummy.  And that’s what matters.' rings so true. My daughters are beautiful, I tell them everyday, and they let me know that I am too. 

We all look at ourselves differently to how others perceive us. We are our own worst enemies when it comes to how we look and it takes hearing from another person or your own children to open your eyes and look. We are not all slim and fit but you are you and you are beautiful in other people's eyes, if not your own. I am no slim and fit mummy but I make time to make myself happy by doing my hair and dressing like I am ready to go out or someone is going to pop over for a coffee. This makes me feel good about myself and I may not be  a yummy mummy like the gorgeous celebrities but I am to my children and I am to myself as well. It really does not matter what others think or say as long as you feel good.


  1. great post vicki, i enjoyed reading this and i agree with every single word you have written. almost 3 years ago i purchased an established business with the name yummy mummies. having my first baby and buying a business was such a high for me. i re-branded and i made some awesome industry friends. but over the years there has been so much bad press against the term yummy mummy; to the point where i thought i should change the business name because at times i thought that people who do not know me were judging me from my business name. a name that i didn't originally create. i have two beautiful daughters that i take so much pride in. they are always dressed gorgeously, give or take (hehe), and well mannered (well, one's still a baby, but the toddler is), and i can only hope that i am being a great role model for them, their own yummy mummy, who is respectful to others and to herself!

    off to read lexi's post now. thanks for sharing your thoughts. i enjoyed x

  2. Thank you Bec for your lovely comment. I was not sure how what I said would be perceived. I sincerely believe
    that everyone is gorgeous and some of us do require a little more effort than others. But if you make yourself feel beautiful it will make others look at you differently as you feel good yourself. Do not change the name of your business just because of what you think others will think. I always took pride in dressing my daughters as well and loved it so much.
    V xoxo

  3. Loved reading your post Vicki - so, so true. Thanks for sharing. x

  4. Thank you for your feedback Lexi. Means a lot.
    V xoxo

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