Thursday, April 26, 2012

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Work at home

I am a mother of two teenage daughters and I stay at home hoping to make my dreams of creating and establishing my own business/blog and magazine. Some will think why is she still at home when her children are old enough to get themselves home in the afternoon etc. Well in my defence, I have worked in retail on and off since they were little, I love being home in the afternoon for my daughters and chat about their day and homework. My daughters are growing up into mature and lovely young ladies and more than ever I enjoy spending time with them and making the most of every moment. Yes they may sit upstairs and do their homework, relax in front of the television but I am still here and to listen and give advice whenever I am needed to.
Yes it is tough sometimes, mostly with attitude and speaking back, I am one lucky teenage mum, and I do realise that most of the time it is just the hormones or in my eldest daughter's case the last 2 years of her schooling life. Oh my I cannot believe my first born will be finished soon. It is a happy but emotional time as she gets to explore where she fits in this world.

I think being home is also a must for me as my partner is always working and sometimes away for weeks at a time. So I feel the need to be here no matter what even more with their father away and working so hard.

Yes I am lucky to be able to stay home and dream big. I still work hard at home trying to make my dreams come true with a successful blog and magazine and hopefully a successful online business. I have had a little flack about staying at home but I am not ready to go back at join the workforce just yet. The teenage years , as are all years are so important. I have a few friends that do not work also. But I do not spend the day sitting on the sofa watching TV. I always make sure the house is clean and we have a nutritious meal for dinner.  What are your thoughts? Do others look down on me because I choose to be at home?

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