Monday, April 23, 2012


Well there were dramas last time when the One DIrection tickets went on sale a few months ago and can I say I was at the ready on my mobile and my desktop only to miss so many others. Oh well they are coming again next year and I know they will not miss out this time. I am quietly happy that they did not get tickets as there was so much drama with who was going with who and in the end everything changed and the groups of four were sorted but there were some not so happy teens as the groups kept changing and I was relieved that neither of the groups got tickets as the jealousy would have been unbearable over who got tickets and who didn't. It is amazing how it all works out in the end. No dramas no 'Oh she got to go and I didn't' Whew what a relief for me as a mother cause all you want is the best for your children and for them to be happy. :)

This time it will be easier, I hope, and the groups all sorted. I will find out in the next few hours while my daughter sorts it all out. I will be at the ready to purchase the one direction tickets when they go on sale and have 2 happy teenagers even if it is just my two at least they get to go this time with or without a friend or two.

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