Monday, April 9, 2012


Winter is on its way and althought we have had some warm temps lately, we did not get to experience very hot temperatures here in Sydney. I am quietly relieved as I am not  a fan of extremely hot weather. I am looking ofrward to rugging up and snuggling this winter with lots of yummy slow cooker recipes and soups.

I am looking forward to make my self a better person so expect lots of positive posts and tips to living a postive and happy life with loads of fashion and style for yourself and you can find kids style and tips at my kids blog Junior Epitome. You can also view two of my published online magazines. Links are on my blog. I have recently lost my father (3 weeks ago) and this has given me a new outlook on life to live the best life you can doing what you love.

Today on the blog I have featured the first 20 tips on how to become the PERSON YOU LOVE.

BellaMUMMA {life is beauty-full}

I will be adding the rest through out the week.
One of my favourite regular posts is Chic or Not, where I like to showcase the latest trend with lots of photos and different ways to style the chosen item. Today's is the cropped pant. I am in love with all the different styles, colours and ways you can combine your looks.

More content will be arriving in your inbox on Friday. In the meantime enjoy your week and I hope you all had a lovely easter break. xx

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