Monday, April 23, 2012


My Get-Unstuck Plan ~ from Positively Present

1. Switch it up. 
The old saying really is true: "If you do what you've always done, you're going to get what you've always gotten." Today I'm going to switch it up and hope that I don't encounter any tempting televisions or new books along the way. 

2. Find inspiration. 
 Oddly enough (and much as I hate to admit this and risk sounding like an adolescent fan), I've found it in the character Katniss, of The Hunger Games. Her strength, her determination, her unwavering perseverance has inspired me to be stronger, braver, more of a badass. She might be fictional, but her characteristics are real and they've made me realise that if you want to win you've got to give it everything and never, ever give up.

3. Seek accountability.  Today I'm going somewhere to work where I have always been held accountable for my actions: my parents' house. Though I know they won't be able to make me work, they will certainly be able to question my decisions to visit the mall (yet again) or turn on the TV.

4. Start. Now. One of the reasons I've been stuck day after day is my ability to make promises to myself that push everything off until tomorrow. "Tomorrow," I tell myself, "I will start a new plan. I will get out of the apartment. I will do something different. Yes, definitely tomorrow." Tomorrow, I've found, is too late. I need to start now. I cannot wait until the conditions are just right, the mood I'm in is just perfect, the stars align. That's just not how people become successful. The time to start is now. And that's just what I'm going to do. My bag is packed and I'm heading out for the day -- a day hopefully filled with change, inspiration, and accountability. 

This is me I have so many ideas and plans and I just put it all off. How can I achieve what I would like to if I am not doing what I should be or plan to. I need to stop standing still and get my groove on. Are you stuck? Hope these little ways help you and I really hope I put them into action and help myself. HAPPY MONDAY xo

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